A Letter from Joe Raso, President & CEO of The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC

Starting today, September 27, 2012, the Chamber and EDC will begin using a new name and will have a new visual identity. We are not rolling out our new identity with a lot of fanfare, because frankly, we are busy going about our work serving businesses of all sizes and building regional economic growth and prosperity. We’ll begin applying our new name and logo on all communications material starting today, but we fully recognize we won’t have everything transferred right way. Please bear with us as we complete the changeover.

The process by which our name and visual identity was developed included numerous meetings with our organization’s leadership and other regional leaders, focus groups with member investors and others. It was tested locally and nationally with site location consultants and creative executives. From the feedback we received, the name and logo were finalized. We are proud of the result. We hope you will be, too.

From personal commitment to ‘total commitment’ – the Chamber and EDC, together, are poised to deliver personal and collective socio-economic strength to our community. Together with our community partners, we are:

  • Positioning ourselves to be the regional leader in economic growth and prosperity
  • Working with the business community to better position the region for economic development and prosperity
  • Poised to create, collaborate with and implement regional economic and business development initiatives for businesses of all sizes
  • Designing a deliberate plan of action for realizing our community vision based on our assets and competitive advantages

Together we can orchestrate an incredible journey.  Our member investors are part of a growing nucleus, a network, of dedicated community leaders and businesses of all sizes. 

  • Your time, talent and commitment in this new organization is one of the most important investments you and your company have made to assure a more competitive business environment for our region.
  • With more than 1500 members, numerous task-oriented projects and events, the Chamber and EDC provides a platform for networking and advocacy between members and across all industry sectors. This has not changed with the merged organization, nor will it.

Joe Raso
President and CEO
The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC
(719) 471-8183

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