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BiggsKofford CPA Firm’s mission is to passionately provide solution-oriented services to develop long-term success for our clients, firm and team.

Since 1982, BiggsKofford CPA Firm has strived to be the premier certified public accounting firm in Colorado. When Jerry Biggs began the firm and was joined by Kurt Kofford, they were committed to building a new breed of CPAs – innovative, strategic thinkers who go beyond traditional accounting to provide complete business solutions. The ultimate goal was to build a firm in the Colorado Springs market that would be dedicated to the growth and development of the community, and further into Colorado and beyond.

With this foundation, BiggsKofford CPA Firm is positioned to assist our clients, our team and our community in reaching the next level of success.
About Us
For our clients:

  • We understand your business and personal goals.
  • We take pride in the level of involvement we have.
  • We work with you to provide solutions and meet your objectives.

For our team:

  • We provide a culture based on learning.
  • We support an opportunity for career growth.
  • We have a fun and pleasant working atmosphere.

For our community:

  • We encourage and support our team in volunteering.
  • We provide considerable financial support to numerous organizations.
  • We apply time, talents and enthusiasm to create a positive impact.

BiggsKofford CPA Firm strives to consistently provide exceptional service for our clients. This mission has always been and will continue to be an essential part of the success of our firm. One measure of how well we are achieving our mission is whether a current client will refer a potential new client to BiggsKofford. It is extremely satisfying to know that a current client is pleased enough with our results to refer us to a business associate, family member or friend. We know that only happy clients refer new ones. If you are thinking of referring a potential new client to BiggsKofford, let us know. We would be happy to work with you to ensure they receive the same high quality service you have enjoyed.

We at BiggsKofford CPA Firm only ask that we have the opportunity to prove to you that we are the firm to help your business grow and thrive, whether it is today or five years from now. BiggsKofford strives to be one of the top nationwide and Colorado Springs CPA firms.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We pride ourselves on being proactive and responsive to inquiries and suggestions and would love to hear from you.

Our Location

Our Location

630 Southpointe Ct, #200
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

P: (719) 579-9090 | F: (719) 576-0126

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Contact Us

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BiggsKofford is very good at understanding our business and the different personalities that make up our organization. We always feel that BiggsKofford is right there for us.
BiggsKofford provides personal and business advice. We are very comfortable including the BK Team in all major business decisions.
The advantage to us is that BiggsKofford knows the local business playing field and not just the tax code.
Your team understands what’s happening in our business. BiggsKofford takes everyday situations and utilizes accounting ideas that benefit our lives.
I am not a number. I am a person who matters. BiggsKofford is large enough to have the technical knowledge, expertise, and depth, but small enough to do it in a personalized manner.
We are proud to partner with BiggsKofford because of your high level of professionalism and outstanding integrity.
The direct consultation from BiggsKofford has allowed us to feel confident in the major decisions we had to make in order to achieve our growth.
Utilizing the personal CFO services of BiggsKofford has allowed me to maintain my most valuable commodity…my time.
BiggsKofford is forward thinking on behalf of its clients. They proactively recommend actions we should be taking now to minimize our future taxes.
The firm encompasses so much more than just tax and auditing. We’ve been with the firm a long time and always receive top-notch services.
--Cheri Bergst, RE Monks Construction

--George Hess, Vantage Homes

--PJ Anderson, Land Development

--Dr. Seth and Mrs. Stacy Kimmelman

--Steve Dawes

--Susan Boyd, Longmont Dairy

--Jeff Smith, CEO of Classic Homes

--Bill Miller, XAware, Chairman of the Board

--Anthony Fagnant, President of Qualtek Manufacturing

--George Hess, Vantage Homes

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