Breaking News: Utilities Scammers Continue Calling

After having a handful of clients express concerns regarding suspicious phone calls, BiggsKofford confirmed an ongoing scam with Colorado Spring Utilities (“CSU”). CSU warns customers to beware of persons posing as utilities employees.

According to their website, CSU has “received reports of individuals calling and demanding that customers make a payment immediately, otherwise their service will be disconnected. The scammers demand that customers put the payment on a credit or prepaid card.

Several of our customers have also reported calls where individuals demand that customers pay a deposit in order to receive an “upgraded digital or GPS meter.” Again, the scammers demand the customer pay on a credit or prepaid card or risk disconnection.

Be aware that we never require customers to make payments on a credit or prepaid card, nor would we require a deposit to upgrade a meter. We do not make outbound calls asking for a customer’s credit card information.

All of our field employees are required to wear Colorado Springs Utilities uniforms, possess official picture identification that contains an employee ID number, and drive a Springs Utilities-logoed vehicle. If the employee has arrived unannounced and requests access to your home or business, you should ask for picture identification. Report suspicious activity immediately to local police and Springs Utilities.”

If you are ever suspicious about a phone call or visit that you did not initiate, call CSU at 719-448-4800.

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