Buying a Company

Buying A Company

Buying a Company is the quickest way to grow your business or start a new business.  However, it is also a high risk strategy as:

  • It requires a higher level of up front investment,
  • The acquired business will most likely not match with your business exactly, requiring some level of restructuring after the deal is closed
  • The historical actions of the acquired business are not easy to discover and may impact your business
  • There is no guarantee the acquisition will be successful

Much of the risks involved with a business acquisition can be identified and mitigated against by following a detailed acquisition strategy.  As part of this strategy, the buyer should develop a team approach to ensure all aspects of the business are addressed. This team should be focused on both the historical performance and future expectations of the primary areas of the acquisition targets business and should communicate back all findings to ensure all aspects of the process are captured and acted upon.

Our buy-side services can help you and your team through all stages of the buying process, including:

  • Performing an analysis of your company to determine appropriate acquisition strategies
  • Search and evaluate opportunities
  • Negotiate price and terms
  • Due diligence
  • Sourcing capital
  • Document review and closing
  • Post acquisition integration

Please contact us to discuss the services that would most benefit your next acquisition.

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