Exiting Your Business

Exiting Your Business

Exiting your business can be one of the most difficult and stressful tasks you will undertake.  You spent your professional life building your business.  You deserve to receive the maximum value when you sell it.  More than likely, this will be your first business sale.  Given the importance of  this transaction, shouldn’t you demand that your advisor be an expert in selling businesses like yours?  BiggsKofford has helped hundreds of business owners like you through every phase of the sales process.

Our services are designed to answer questions such as:

  • When is the right time to exit my business?
  • How do I maximize the value of my business?
  • What is the selling process?
  • Will the value I derive from my business be enough for retirement?

Succession Planning & Exit Strategies

There are many options available to business owners when it comes time to exit, such as handing it down to a family member, selling to a competitor or an investment group, etc.  Each exit strategy will yield different values and payment terms.  The sooner you plan your exit strategy, the more able you will be to gear your business to maximizing its value to your target buyers and structuring the business to minimize the impact of taxes.


Valuations can be undertaken for many different reasons.  Understanding why you need a valuation will help identify which valuation approach is best for you and which factors you should focus on to build the value of your business.  Please click here for more information on our valuation services.

Sell Side Services

As mentioned above, selling a business is usually a once in lifetime event that is critical to get right.  BiggsKofford has a full service Merger & Acquisition practice that can help entrepreneurs sell their business.  Please click here to learn more.

Personal Financial Planning

Many business owners have the majority of their net worth tied up in their business.  While the returns on a privately held business can be significantly greater than those available in the public markets, it is illiquid and difficult to value.  All business owners should have a comprehensive personal financial plan that tracks both their investable assets and business assets.  This process will help to ensure the business owner’s financial goals will be achieved.

Please contact us to discuss how you can better protect your company.

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