Employee Benefit Plans

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Each year the rules and regulations governing benefit plan compliance grow increasingly complex. Accounting and reporting requirements, governmental regulations, and changes in plan administration foster the need for specialized services.

BiggsKofford CPA Firm has a dedicated area of our practice to serve the audit requirements under ERISA for employee benefit plans. We audit the financial statements of your plan and prepare the appropriate tax filing and summary plan descriptions for numerous benefit plans.

Employee benefit plan audits include pension, health and welfare and 401(k) plans subject to the ERISA under the regulatory authority of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Our wide range of benefit plan experience includes:

  • Audits of all types of employee benefit plans including defined contribution, defined benefit and health and welfare plans (for both single-employer and multiple-employer plans).
  • Review of internal control systems

Of primary concern are developments that may cause potential auditing, accounting and reporting problems, including the following:

  • Changes in plans provisions
  • Changes in accounting principle or estimates
  • Changes in key plan personnel
  • Changes in government regulations

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