Expatriate Taxes

Expatriate Tax Services

At BiggsKofford CPA Firm, we take pride in serving clients with expatriate tax needs. Whether you are a U.S. resident working abroad, a non-U.S. resident with U.S. tax issues or a company assisting an employee in one of these situations, we can help.

For the U.S. resident working abroad or owning income property abroad, we have expertise in the following:

  • Maximizing foreign earned income exclusion
  • Maximizing foreign tax credit
  • Providing IRS representation and correspondence
  • Year-round planning and support

For the non-U.S. resident living in or owning property in the U.S., we have expertise in the following:

  • Non-resident tax return preparation
  • Application for withholding certificate for dispositions of US real property interests
  • Year-round planning and support

For businesses with foreign locations, foreign employees or U.S. employees working abroad, we offer:

  • Employee equalization calculations
  • Tax structure analysis to comply with foreign treaties
  • Application for U.S. residency certification
  • Year-round planning and support

We have assisted clients with tax issues in the following foreign countries: Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Guatemala, Iraq, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

Please contact us if you have any questions about how BiggsKofford CPA Firm can serve you as an expatriate.

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