Employee Directory

Name Title Phone Profile vCard
Chris Blees, CPA, CM&AA President and CEO x206
Michael McDevitt, CPA, CFE, CFF Director and COO x237
Kurt Kofford, CPA Director x203
Greg Gandy, CPA Director x216
Greg Papineau, CPA Director x222
Deborah Helton, CPA Director x212
Austin Buckett, ACA, CM&AA Director x243
Braden Hammond, CPA/ABV Director x223
Eric Morgan, CPA Manager x219
Josephus Le Roux, CFE Manager x257
Angela Lindblad, CPA Manager x202
Keenan Scott, CPA Manager x262
Kaila Lawson Supervisor x249
Jennifer Malets Manager x253
Jonathan Dron Supervisor x254
Tyler Atkins Senior Associate x209
Nick Phillips Senior Associate x252
Jennifer Stone Senior Associate x217
Melissa Jimenez Senior Associate x274
Shelby Kolling Senior Associate x205
Aaron Kacala Associate x277
Winnie Bor Associate x276
John Wojnarowski Associate x278
Garrett Adams Associate x275
Pamela Reeves Outsourced Accounting Controller x240
Michelle Mattice Outsourced Accounting Specialist x283
Virginia Jarrell Controller and Firm Administrator x235
Olivia Ebner AP and AR Specialist x234
Shannon Strand Executive Assistant x250
Trish Peregrina Administrative Assistant x258
Sheila Robinson Receptionist x200