Scaling Up Workshop Invite

Scaling Up Workshop Invite

We are happy to announce that BiggsKofford is sponsoring a fantastic and powerful planning workshop: Are You Ready to Scale Up Your Business? The program is Wednesday, December 2, 2020 Online/Virtual: Participate from your Computer.

Many BiggsKofford clients have benefited from this program that provides an opportunity to “work on your business”. Our colleague, Chuck Kocher, local business coach and owner of The Transformation Company is hosting this workshop.

Scaling Up Workshop Overview  – (Click here for a link to a PDF with more information) You will learn the essentials that make the Scaling Up system work quickly. Learn best practices through lectures, hands-on exercises, group discussions, and coaching demonstrations. The workshop will also focus on:

  • The 4 Key Decisions that all growth companies must make in the areas of: People/Strategy/Execution/Cash
  • Helping you gain an understanding and then to begin completing a draft of the One Page Strategic Plan.
  • Sharing best practices/tools/models used by the best Scale Up companies in Colorado and all around the world.
  • Getting you and your team aligned on the main priorities to achieve success in 2021 and beyond.

You will benefit massively from this workshop if you are:

  • Either a For-Profit Business or a Non-Profit Organization
  • Committed to scalable and sustainable growth
  • An investor in learning and building your leadership team and culture
  • Looking to disrupt your industry and standout from your competitors
  • Going through massive industry changes and want to leading vs. following that change
  • Already scaling and building a great company and taking your business to the next level.
  • Desiring to/or you are building a stronger leadership team dynamic
  • Looking to learn and follow proven best business practices from the best high growth companies on the planet
  • Desiring deeper clarity of your Big Picture, Strategy, Annual Plan and connecting it back to your whole organization
  • Wanting to be an industry leader in profitability and productivity
  • Determined to truly be the owner/CEO of your company and working on vs. in your business

Chuck also provides an Event Promise that is unconditional 100% money back – guarantee.

To Register or for More Information Click Here or contact for additional information.

We are confident that this workshop will give you the opportunity to Scale Up your company in 2021 and Beyond!

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