Selling a Business

Selling a Business in Colorado Springs

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You have worked hard to create a valuable business.  When it is time to sell, you only have one shot to maximize the return on your effort.

The actual process of selling a business is very time consuming and highly emotional.   There is no guarantee that you will be able to sell your business.  In fact, only about 25 percent of small and medium sized businesses that are for sale actually sell.

Having an experienced team on your side that is looking out for your interests throughout the entire process provides assurance that the sale process will be as efficient as possible and maximizes the realized value of the business.

Using our team of experts to assist you through the sale of your business will have the following benefits:

  • Access to networks of active buyers
  • Knowledge of deals being done in your industry to determine the real value of your business
  • Assessment of your business to determine the likelihood of an actual transaction being completed before going to market
  • Experience marketing businesses to ensure your business is represented in the best light
  • Peace of mind that a formal sales process is being followed to ensure the most advantageous deal is done
  • Creation of a competitive buying environment
  • The opportunity to remain focused on your business during the process
  • An emotional buffer between you and the buyer
  • A formal process to keep the deal on track by managing all the parties involved, including buyers, bankers, attorneys, CPAs, advisors, etc.

For more information on the formal sales process, please review this document.

Please contact us to discuss the services that would most benefit your organization.

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