Denver Physician Accounting Services

BiggsKofford CPA Firm specializes in helping physicians in Denver to manage and grow their practices. We understand that quality physicians prefer to focus on providing exceptional care for their patients, and we help those physicians streamline their accounting processes to move their practice forward.

Through our extensive experience working with physicians, we have assembled a collection of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can help you to better understand and improve the financial condition of your practice, regardless of where you might be at the moment.

Whether you are operating a family medical practice, a specialty practice, or even a dental group, we will take a personalized and responsive approach to help you achieve your stretch goals and find your version of financial success.

The accounting services that we provide for physicians and medical practices typically fall into one of the following three categories.

Financial Analysis and Reporting Services

Understanding and maintaining the day-to-day operations of a medical practice is our specialty, and we work with the owner physicians directly to meet their financial analysis and reporting needs. We have developed services to assist physicians with streamlining their decision making process, creating efficient financial processes, and preparing for reporting requirements. We work hand and hand with practice management and physicians to provide real time information.

Financial analysis and reporting assess the current financial situation of your business, makes sure that everyone gets paid promptly and correctly, and confirms that the financial reporting process is as efficient as possible.

Some of the most common financial analysis and reporting services that we offer in the Denver area includes:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices
  • Office Support for Accounting and Payroll
  • Profit Maximization
  • Employment Agreements
  • Internal Controls
  • Procedural Efficiency
  • Ancillary Profitability Reporting

Business and Structural Consulting

BiggsKofford CPA Firm can also provide physicians with services beyond its day-to-day operations. These situations might include anything from changes in ownership to the buying or selling of real estate.

Our physician services team has the expertise to help you to plan for these changes and to structure your business to be ready for the changes to take place.

If you are ready to learn how any of the following could apply to your practice, make sure that you have an experienced accounting firm on your side to ensure that all finance and accounting services are covered.

  • Partner Buy-In and Buy-Out
  • Practice Mergers & Private Equity Investments
  • Real Estate Acquisitions
  • Related Business Acquisitions and Sales
  • Private Investment Advice
  • Practice Valuation

Tax and Audit Services

Investing your time dealing with the IRS or an outside auditor takes away from both your ability to earn income and, more importantly, the time you have dedicated to helping patients. We understand the unique tax implications with physician groups and medical practices and can help you through them.

Our tax and audit accounting services could involve something as simple as planning for next year’s taxes or preparing your current tax return. Those services could also address more complicated issues like restructuring your business for tax advantages, setting up retirement plans for you and your staff, or auditing existing financial statements.

BiggsKofford offers services for handling just about any tax or audit situation your physician team might encounter, including the following:

  • Proactive Tax Planning (With No Surprises)
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Compensation Planning and Structuring
  • Tax-Advantaged Business Structuring
  • Retirement Plan Design and Compliance
  • Asset Protection
  • Financial Statement Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

With a track record dating back to 1982, BiggsKofford CPA Firm has the necessary experience to assist physicians and medical practices through any financial, business, tax, or audit situation here in Denver, and that experience means that we have a deep working knowledge of exactly which KPIs are essential to getting the very most out of your practice.

If you are ready for us to help your accounting and management mentioned on this page, contact us today to get started on a partnership with us.

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