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Adhering to federal and state tax regulations is an important ongoing business obligation yet also a complex undertaking that can be a minefield for the unwary. Even at a large corporation with a dedicated tax department it can be frustratingly easy to fall out of tax compliance. And while paying taxes will always be a fact of life for just about any business, big or small, it should never come at the expense of running a profitable enterprise and serving customers.

BiggsKofford is a Colorado CPA firm with an office in Denver that proudly offers a comprehensive suite of tax preparation services for all types of business in virtually any industry, including public sector entities and not-for-profit organizations. The Denver tax CPA professionals at BiggsKofford are widely known in the local business community for providing exceptional service. Our commitment to our clients is – no surprises. With help from our Denver Tax Advisors, you’ll be able to focus your energies on running a business knowing that your tax obligations are proactively being managed by some of the most highly experienced tax accountants in the state.

Becoming  client of BiggsKofford in Denver will translate into having full access to the following world-class tax solutions:

Strategic Tax Structuring

Lawfully minimizing the taxes that your business owes should always be a high priority. An effective way to accomplish that is through strategic tax structuring. The strategic tax structuring services that are provided by the Denver tax CPA team at BiggsKofford can help you minimize your tax obligations through various methods such as entity selection and transaction structuring.

Transactional Tax Planning

Nearly every business transaction has tax consequences. A good tax advisor should be able to advise a client on how to accomplish their business goals while minimizing any tax liabilities that may result. BiggsKofford takes a proactive approach to transactional tax planning, helping our clients to understand and minimize tax from transactions before they happen.

Tax Planning & Compliance

Businesses pay taxes on income as it is received over the course of the year. Let a Denver tax accountant from our firm help you meet these regular payment obligations through cash flow management and payment submittal.

Selling Your Denver Business

The process of selling a business in Denver can be a time consuming and emotional process. Having an experienced Denver tax advisor on your side that is looking out for your interests ensures that the sales process is as efficient as possible and maximizes the realized value of your business.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be an enjoyable process but also one that generally must be started well in advance of your decision to stop working. It is ideally an effort spread over many years that involves pursuing a combination of saving and investment strategies that manifest in you having your desired retirement income. A Denver tax CPA from our firm can help you lower your tax burden now as a way to save more effectively for your retirement years.

Estate & Gift Planning

The intricacies of estate laws being what they are, it is vitally important for anyone who wishes to have a say in how their assets are distributed after they are gone to engage in estate and gift planning. A tax CPA from BiggsKofford in Denver can work in tandem with your attorney to develop a plan that fully takes into account your long-term goals while keeping costs and tax liabilities to a minimum.

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