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Colorado Springs Outsourced Accounting Services

Would you like to get timely and accurate financial information about your business performance?

Would you like to spend less time on the finance and accounting aspect of your business and focus more on growing it?

Would you like to receive future looking financial reports that can show you where your business will be in 3, 6, 12 or even 36 months’ time?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then read on…

Typically, small to medium sized businesses don’t have the volume of activity to allow for full time accounting employees who are dedicated to their level of expertise.  Yet they must hire someone who can perform all the necessary tasks needed to generate financial records and reports.  This can lead to many issues, including:

  • Hiring an expensive Controller who spends most of their time perform data entry tasks,
  • Hiring a full charge bookkeeper, only to struggle getting accurate and timely financial reports.
  • Having no forward-looking reports, such as cash flow projections, budgets, etc to help manage the business and plan for future initiatives
  • Operating in an inefficient accounting process, due to employee(s) not being incentivized or trained on new technology
  • Weak internal controls due to a reliance on a single cog in the accounting wheel
  • Getting behind on the accounting records in the event of someone taking a vacation or leaving for another job.

Ten years ago or so the concept of Outsourcing Accounting services was to have the work done overseas by cheaper labor.  This solved a few issues related to cost and apportionment of labor skill to relevant tasks.  However, it also required remote oversight and generally did not provide any insights to the specific issues facing the Company.  In the past 5 years, technology has evolved in the accounting industry that has enabled CPA firms like ours to provide a cost effective solution of Accounting Outsourcing to small and medium sized businesses.

At BiggsKofford, we have a dedicated full-service Outsourced Accounting Department that can work with you to understand your needs and formulate a plan that will allow you to fully outsource your accounting needs and focus on your business.

We apply our Thinking Forward approach to all aspects of your accounting needs.  By leveraging current technology, eliminating waste from the accounting processes, and implementing controls we can offer Professional Grade Outsourced Accounting Services to our clients.  When you use BiggsKofford’s accounting outsourcing, you will benefit from:

    • A dedicated team of accounting professionals, led by an experienced certified public accountant, assigned to your account whose experience is aligned with their role in your financial records.
    • Current technology that is built in the Cloud, allowing for data sharing and timely information between our office and yours. We can also set up Dashboards that will allow you to see your financial performance in real-time throughout the month.  No more waiting until the middle of the following month to see how you performed last month.
    • Insight into your financial performance through the implementation of Key Performance Metrics relevant to your business and commentary on financial performance.
    • Access to advanced services through your CFO Level account manager, allowing for insight on higher level business issues, such as Strategic or Exit Planning, Business Sales and Acquisitions, Growth Initiatives, Advanced Tax Planning, Employee Incentive Plans, etc.
    • Fully integrated services aligned with your CPA firm. Whether we perform your taxes or someone else you can rest assured that we will provide accurate and timely information so that your tax preparer can complete your taxes with relative ease when the time comes.  As we are a CPA firm too, we always consider the tax implications of what the business is doing to ensure we are working with your accountant throughout the year to appropriately manage your taxes.
  • No Surprises – from timely financial information, forward looking reports, such as Cash Flow and Tax projections and even our fee structures, you will always be kept informed about your financial situation so that you can plan and operate your business with peace of mind.

To learn more and schedule an introductory meeting to discuss your needs please call us today.

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