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Business taxes can be extremely complex and it’s easy to overlook opportunities to minimize your obligation and maximize profitability while maintaining compliance. Our Colorado Springs tax accountants and CPA tax preparation services take the worry out of tax management, so you can concentrate on running your business and serving your customers. We offer complete tax solutions including:

    • Strategic tax structuring to minimize taxes through appropriate entity selection and transaction structuring.
    • Transactional tax planning. Thinking of buying, selling or expanding? Our proactive planning can minimize the tax impact on significant transactions before they happen.
    • Ongoing tax planning and compliance. Surprises are for birthdays, not taxes! Let us help manage your cash flow to prepare for tax payments and keep you in compliance with accurate reporting and payment submission.
    • Estate and gift planning that minimizes the tax burden on inheritance to ensure your assets transfer to the heirs and charities of your choice.
    • Retirement planning that reduces your tax burden today and helps you save for the future so you can enjoy all you’ve worked so hard for.


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