BiggsKofford Volunteers for Peak Education

Peak Education Senior Reception -A BIG success!!

Honored seniors, happy families and mentors, and proud Peak Education staff and board members enjoyed a delightful afternoon at The Mining Exchange on May 4th. The purpose of this celebration was to honor our graduating high school and college seniors and to thank our Ambassador Circle donors for their investment in our students’ lives.


BiggsKofford’s Associate Nick Phillips pictured-Peak Education Mentor


The REAL World – A Dose of Reality for Peak Education Students



Good grades = More Education = More money = Better lifestyle.

The students learned some valuable lessons on May 1st at the Real World. From budgeting for food and shelter to deciding if they should buy a new or used car, they experienced the additional expenses that make the real world the real world.


BiggsKofford’s Senior Associate Angela Lindblad helping students balance their checkbooks for the Peak Education Reality Fair.


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