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Capital Markets Update

As we began 2011, we took a look into a myriad of crystal balls, dealt tarot cards and spoke to many soothsayers to see if we could determine what the future…

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Do you know the value of your business?

What color of car would you rather buy? Based on your personal preference, the answer to this question will affect how much you are willing to pay for a vehicle that is identical in all aspects other than color. You might ask what does this have to do with the Market Value of your business? Simply put…

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Benchmarking – Can It Help Your Business?

Many business owners think benchmarking is for big or troubled companies. But no company, regardless of size and performance, can afford to ignore it. In today’s changing business environment and economy, it’s hard to keep up with your competitors, and benchmarking allows companies to compare their productivity and efficiency to other businesses.

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Need help with your business loan?

If your business is facing any of these issues: You can’t renew your line of credit. Your loan has a balloon payment, but the bank won’t extend. You have an opportunity to expand your business, but you can’t get the financing. What are you to do to keep your business afloat?

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